Are you considering making a change that will make your outdoor living space more inviting and save water and money? At Hanson Remodels and Landscapes, we are committed to providing innovative water efficient landscape solutions that maintain a lush and colorful appeal. Combining creative landscape design with carefully planned irrigation, we specialize in providing updated outdoor spaces that invite relaxed, outdoor living and entertaining.

Drought tolerant landscaping doesn’t have to be barren or sparse. We are experts in native plants and other beautiful choices that do well in our harsh climate. Whether you prefer a clean, modern design with fewer plants and straight lines or a more traditional desert scape with flowering bushes and trees, we can make your vision come to life.


There are many ways to create interest in a water efficient landscape, including replacing turf or groundcover primarily with rocks or gravel. Decorative rocks can add color and contrast, can be rounded or jagged and are available in a vast range of sizes and colors. Boulders add focal points and additional contrast with height and color. Pops of drought tolerant plants require far less irrigation and can add the colors and style that you prefer.

Including the personal touches of water features, fire pits and seating areas can also create a more inviting outdoor space. Newer fountains can be water efficient and add the relaxing bubbling and trickle that many people enjoy. Using pavers or gravel, we can remove turf and create an extended patio area or more efficient space around your pool. Adding comfortable furniture and colorful pillows creates the perfect setting for enjoying your new outdoor space.

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At Hanson Remodels and Landscapes, we work with you from idea to installation. Throughout your water efficient landscape transformation, we offer options and recommendations, and assure that your new yard is even more than you imagined. From drought tolerant landscaping to built-in barbeques, kitchens, shade areas, and more, if you are considering updating your outdoor environment, contact Hanson Remodels and Landscapes.