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Desert Landscaping Alternatives

With water restrictions and penalties continuing to climb, you may be looking for more ways to save money by converting your yard to drought tolerant plants and landscaping. But are you tired of the same old look that everyone else is using? At Hanson Remodels and Landscaping, we can help you transform your yard with desert landscaping alternatives that will create an appealing and inviting outdoor space for you to enjoy.

Desert Landscaping Alternative:
Mediterranean Style Landscaping

If you are not interested in dry river beds and sparsely-planted decomposed granite lawns, you might prefer Mediterranean style drought tolerant landscaping. While native desert plants obviously thrive in the Palm Springs area, there is a vast range of lush, yet water wise plants that also grow beautifully here. Known for their feeling of luxury, Mediterranean-inspired yards incorporate details of color, texture and structure.
Desert Landscaping Alternative

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Repair or Redesign: Enjoy Your Backyard More with a Pool Remodel


With the weather warming up it is time to start enjoying more poolside relaxation and outdoor entertaining. However, if your pool needs repairs or just looks old and out-of-date, you may not be appreciating it at all. At Hanson Remodels and Landscapes, we specialize in creating a pool remodel that compliments the architecture of your home and landscaping.

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Transform Your Yard with Water Efficient Landscape Design

Are you considering making a change that will make your outdoor living space more inviting and save water and money? At Hanson Remodels and Landscapes, we are committed to providing innovative water efficient landscape solutions that maintain a lush and colorful appeal. Combining creative landscape design with carefully planned irrigation, we specialize in providing updated outdoor spaces that invite relaxed, outdoor living and entertaining.

Drought tolerant landscaping doesn’t have to be barren or sparse. We are experts in native plants and other beautiful choices that do well in our harsh climate. Whether you prefer a clean, modern design with fewer plants and straight lines or a more traditional desert scape with flowering bushes and trees, we can make your vision come to life.

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